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38384739936_2a857db1d29bf51f48da_512Hi and welcome to our humble French Sites Directory. Over here, you will find a huge range of different French Sites from all kinds of categories you can ever imagine or think of. Ranging from kids sites to adult sites, young to old, sports to books and so on. If you ever know of any good site which you would like to see here, you can also free to contact us and we will decide whether the site is good enough to be listed on our directory here.

If you are the webmaster of a site and we have rejected your site to be put on our directory, you may also choose to pay us a small monthly fee for us to put your site up here. Even though we try to let everyone list their sites for free, we hope that you understand that we still have monthly server bills to pay and we cannot just let any sites to be listed on this site if they are of poor quality, as it will make people shun our website in the future.

If you think of any categories which you cannot find on this site here, you can also tell us about what type of categories you would like to see and also it will be best if you can give us some sample sites at the same time.

A good website directory is hard to manage, even more some when all of our sites are only supposed to be in French or French-related websites. You might find a few English sites but they will definitely still be French-related, so you do not have to worry too much about those. As it is not easy to run this site, we are always constantly looking out for volunteers to help us and also regular donations. If you do want to donate to us, you can drop us an e-mail and we will tell you the different ways in which you can do so. If you do wish to volunteer, same thing – just drop us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible!